Auto-Bio-Graphically Speaking III: The Mind’s Eye

What is “the mind’s eye”? And how is it that the brain can see without looking?

There are two ways of seeing: with the body and with the soul. The body’s sight can sometimes forget, but the soul remembers forever. – Alexandre Dumas, from The Count of Monte Cristo

Today’s auto-bio-graphic picks up on a Wednesday, where I skype with an old friend, fly through a design gig, and miraculously remember to take a shower before picking up groceries and kids.


Going forward, I will be posting one panel a day….so please join me for tomorrow’s installment. Previous entries:

In the meantime, try re-imagining a few moments from your own day. What images pop into your head? How vivid are your recollections? What details stand out? What sensations? What can you see in your mind’s eye?

Further reading and inspiration:

FUN HOME by Alison Bechdel.  After seeing the Graphic journaling that I have been doing, a friend recommended that I reads this.  IT IS FANTASTIC! Very powerful and funny. Also extraordinary storytelling and  the basis of a blockbuster Broadway show.


Sequential Art Bristol Paper  Try some graphic journaling.  This beautiful paper makes it a pleasure to draw and helps organize your thoughts.


Tomboy Dual Brush pens. Heaven in a box. A royal set of my favorite markers. Mouth-watering colors, and an elegant brush stroke.


Ashleigh Nicole Arts Woodless Graphite and Charcoal Sketching Set-12 Piece. Great for loose sketches and “thinking” with a pencil.

Author: Alex Posen

Alex Posen is an artist, designer and creative director. She writes and speaks about creativity, and is available for workshops, private coaching and consulting.

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